Dear Praying Friends,

On August 6th, we held a dedication service for the Crandal Canyon mine disaster families, dedicating the monument constructed close to the mine and the mountain where the 6 miners were buried and where 3 rescue workers were killed in an attempt to rescue the trapped miners. The mine company spent a year and over 150,000 dollars to build a site close to the mountian where the miners were buried. It is a wooded area that is next to a stream and is very beautiful and tranquil. There were over 100 people present at the dedication and again it was a great opportunity to witness an share Christ. The incident in the minds of many is still fresh, since the six trapped miners have not had a burial site until now. It will be a lasting memory of their lives…sad to say most of them did not know the Lord. Continue to pray for family members as they struggle with the reality of life and death. We were finally able speak to a brother and his wife about the reality of the choices we make here on earth have eternal consequences. After a year, they are barely able to hear such things. Much division in families and much bitterness over this whole incident has errupted and Satan has used it to drive people away from the Lord. Pray that as time goes on, and people continue to struggle with answers, that they will seek the Lord for help. Please take a look at the pictures in our photo albums that show the mine disaster monument.

Shawn & Penny Clapp


© 2007